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Thanks & Praise.

I have heard many people state that certain events, activities or meetings are “life changing” and I have always tended to be rather skeptical because that’s what I am. I also took that attitude into my first meeting with Amanda little knowing that the next few months working with her would become exactly that, life changing.

I think it fair to say I have never met anybody quite like Amanda, astute, supportive, endearing, always appropriate, with boundless levels of energy and just so nice. She makes me feel at ease not only with her when we meet but also with myself, her ability to allow me to see the alterative view point is so natural that I can almost not remember what I was like before I met her.

I am able to view situations both work and personal in such a different and more positive light, I think it fair to say that E+R=O will forever be etched in my mind and on me!

I forgot to add emotional to the list lol ! As the young people say I believe!

Vice President global organization, July 2014

Thank you Amanda. 🙂

We will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday here in America next week I was thinking of all the things I am grateful for and you were in my top five thoughts. Thank you so much for helping me become the person I am meant to be. You are amazing!

Love and hugs,


I find it difficult to describe just how impactful the 2 day ‘breakthrough’ session with Amanda was for me.  I continue to surprise myself every day with this renewed positive attitude and energised approach to both my relationships and career which has quite literally, changed my life.  By ridding myself of the negative emotions that were controlling my actions, I now have belief in myself and a clear, exciting vision of where I want to be.  Amanda’s professional and personal approach ensured that the whole process was not only enlightening, but fun and I can’t recommend her enough.

Business Director

Have been thinking about how I felt after working with you….

Being able to focus on your present and future happiness is a feeling of enlightenment. Amanda enabled me to see my own potential, feel empowered, capable and confident. Being truly comfortable with who I am and what I want was always within me; I feel like I’ve been introduced to the me that I am incredibly proud to be.

We could talk about the before and the after?

I like the word enlightenment, I understand it when people say they found God; I found me, that was all I’d been looking for and it was much more comforting than I’d ever imagined. The thing we all have in common is a desire to be happy; being yourself and believing that is all you ever need to be, is a revelation.

Mum and housewife

My glass was definitely half empty when I decided I needed some help.

I was very sad inside no matter how much I tried to put a brave face on things, the weight of my problems weighed heavy on my shoulders.

The conversations in my head were grim and I felt tired trying to keep these thoughts out, which was impossible because I am with myself all the time.

Then by chance I met Amanda and nervously arranged a visit to her, what happened next was incredible but hard to explain in words.

All I know is that by following her advice to believe in her unique approach: my life changed immediately.

My relationship with myself is so much happier and my relationships with my family and friends are so much better I am in control of my emotions and relationships in a beautiful non judging way.

I may have the same problems everybody does, but I now see lots of positive things and can work out what’s best for me to be able to not only cope but get the best out of every situation.

It’s not just for me it’s for the good of all who know me and I love being with me now.

I always prided myself on being able to cope but that’s not enough now I embrace life and look forward to the challenges it brings.

No time like the present.

Working with Amanda, a life changing experience.

I started working with Amanda in the last few months of 2010. I was in a state where I just was not moving forwards and life had thrown some challenges at me which had affected me on so many levels of my life. In June 2010 I was diagnosed with MS after 2 years of health problems leaving me with a level of disability affecting my walking and activity levels and challenging my thinking, self image, confidence, work ability, energy levels and ability to exercise. It had really challenged the core of my being and I desperately wanted things to change.

I had experienced working with NLP in my 20s and had found benefit from it and was ready to use it again. However, working with Amanda was not just about the NLP. Amanda was such a fantastic coach, she challenged me and yes, sometimes the change felt uncomfortable, emotional, but always I felt supported and an unwavering confidence that my well being was at the heart of the process. I am so grateful to Amanda she has helped me make some amazing changes in my life.

So what have these changes been? Well, since the end of December I have sold my house, moved to follow my goal of living in the countryside, sold my business though continue to work in it, have been able to continue with my career (which I thought I would have to give up due to my health), my energy levels have increased and so has my exercise, I’m back to my target weight, I’m entering a tandem triathlon with my partner and we are working on our future together, sharing our goals and dreams. I am able to focus on what I truly want and magically a lot of it is happening for me now and I can’t still quite believe that those changes that seemed so hard at the beginning have just happened so easily and feel so right.

Working with Amanda has truly been a life changing experience for me and one I will be thankful for always.

Managing Director

Hi Amanda,

I am now sat in a beautiful pizzeria in soho, I’m enjoying soaking up the exciting atmosphere whilst reading my book, having just come from booking my yoga course for November.

I am reflecting on how different life was for me 3 months ago and I can hardly believe it. 3 months ago I was feeling life was hard , I did not know where I was heading really or how to make a success of it.

After working with you Amanda everything has changed, how I feel, my relationships with everyone around me , my state of mind and my business has certainly turned around. Working with you helped me find the fantastic me again and the focus and drive I had been lacking.

Life is amazing. After working with you I feel so fantastic…Thank You Thank you

I offer to you my sincerest gratitude and thanks x

Business Owner

I’d like to thank Amanda for taking me with sensitivity and humor through my first experience of Coaching.

At a time when I was effectively going round in circles over the same issues and repeating the same behaviors that had me in such a rut I could no longer move forward.

Because NLP is based around how our brain works it felt like a therapy that had a basis in logic rather than more traditional emotion based therapies.

Over the time we worked together there were lots of light bulb moments and lots of pennies dropping over things I have being doing and behaviors that have become ingrained in me but actually don’t help me achieve what I want.

Some things seemed so obvious they had me laughing out loud at how my brain and my thinking had been hood winking me all this time.

It was a relief to let go and realize that by viewing things differently I was in control of things that I’d previously believed I wasn’t in control of, which had led to a feeling of hopelessness and in my case depression.

I am so glad I took the decision to go for the full timeline therapy over two days. Don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere!

Amanda doesn’t let anything slip by her, something I said whilst we were chatting in a tea break turned out to be the key to the final block on day two. The ongoing support after the sessions was invaluable and I still practice some of the exercises.

I have tried various therapies but this is by far the best money I have ever invested in myself.

I can only apologize that I have taken so long to write this thank you …….I have been too busy living my life x

Jenny, South Manchester

Being a luxury service orientated business the engagement and empowerment of our people is the most important factor in achieving great performance. Amanda has been a inspirational and integral part of developing and implementing our ‘people plan’, starting with a benchmarking of where we are against our vision and values and then formulating a integrated strategy to bring everyone in our organisation on our exciting journey. Aside from her obvious passion and enthusiasm the real value of Amanda is that she becomes so immersed in the business she becomes part of the team, whilst being able to have the distance to see the things you don’t! There are many ‘coaches’ out there but few that can offer this level of personal commitment for delivering the people objectives of your business with passion, energy and focus. It’s been a truly invigorating, challenging and exciting process with immediate positive results.

International Travel Connections

Amanda has helped us realise our true potential as individuals and as a business. Quite simply … we are transformed!

Mad River Design

Thanks Amanda, you really are a miracle worker! I have just volunteered to help with our overall charity plans for the company – I’m unstoppable these days!

Hi Amanda

I am still on a real high from the last couple of days it was amazing.

Hi Amanda,

Thank you so much – for everything.

I had one of those moments when we were looking at the past, the present and into the future and I realised that my future was really me building on where I am now – straight up, rather than out in front-if that makes sense?

What you do is amazing  – I think it is an incredible thing to be able to have such specific impact on individuals but in a  group environment so that everyone feels ‘touched’ by the magic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Hi Amanda

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed both sessions yesterday.

I love the idea of the Mastermind sessions – it’s a great opportunity to put forward challenges and get feedback from others, who see the situation without the emotion I may have attached to it.

As everyone is partaking in the session, it also made me feel less vulnerable when asking for help and it’s very empowering to be able to help others.

The Values session was totally enlightening to me, I was thinking about it a lot last evening and I tried to create a non-work values list, which ended up pretty similar to my work one. I looked back at various situations in the past year where I thought that I had failed, but on closer inspection they actually clashed with my values and the situation was not as pretty as I had initially painted when I didn’t attach values to them. I now don’t see them so much as a failure, but a situation that was never going to work better than the one I was currently in.

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend


Just wanted to say I really, really enjoyed the course yesterday.

I am totally biased because I love anything that you do, but yesterday was inspirational and extremely informative.

It was a brilliant content and you made it very easy to link to my role and also to my personal life.

Thank you so much

I asked Amanda to help me build a team across two sites, we needed to share a vision and have a strong drive for collective achievement. The brief was to engage the team and encourage a positive and creative environment within Marketing

We have all experienced a massive shift, Amanda exceeded all of our expectations. We have benefited from believing in ourselves and our ability, with the additional bonus of using our new skills to improve not only working relationships but those at home too.

Amanda is a true inspiration, her belief and commitment to all of us has made this an incredible experience, life changing.

Gill Hesketh – Marketing Director – Wessanen

Amanda has become something much better than my conscience sat on my shoulder.  At home and at work my thought process and outlook on challenges is constantly considered – is this the right way to get the best results; how does how I do things impact others; how do I get the most out of other people….

Over two days of coaching Amanda has completely changed my approach to frustrations and challenges and provided me with a hugely positive outlook to my working life and my home life.

The various tasks and exercises I did during the 2 days enabled me to review my direction; understand what I was feeling and why; gave me clarity on what I wanted from life and provided me with tools and the approach to achieve what I want.  I went back to home and work feeling hugely relaxed with nothing weighing me down and people commented on how relaxed and happy I seemed (and I was!).

I have taken some of Amanda’s approaches at home and seen amazing results for the whole family, just talking about positives for the day has helped refocus on the good things in life.  It sounds simple but when life is busy and things don’t seem great it’s not always easy to concentrate on the positives – Amanda provides the right perspective and helps make it happen until very quickly it becomes the norm.

In addition to Amanda ‘being on my shoulder’, the ease with which I am able to discuss issues and feelings, bounce ideas off and also get some amazing insight and considerations from Amanda has very quickly had an amazing impact on my job satisfaction and my happiness at home.

I have no hesitation in saying that Amanda has genuinely changed my approach to life – a unique and brilliant experience that will help shape my future happiness and have an impact on what I get out of life. And this is only the beginning.

Maybe I should have just said  ‘Wow’ and ‘Thank You’.


I have been working now with Amanda over several sessions and the results have been superb. The sessions have taken us in all sorts of directions and Amanda has shown great patience and skill in keeping the end point in mind. I readily admit that I believe in the power of the mind but have a healthy skepticism about some psychological practices. Hence it took some coaxing from Amanda to get me to let go and really get into some of the techniques, which have been very successful. I am now more confident, self aware and focused than ever before. It didn’t come as some blinding flash either like some kind of religious experience. It was steady and gradual and I simply found myself when I stopped to think about things that I was more confident and in control of my own destiny. Situations that would have intimidated me previously I was more objective and could handle. I am clearer with what is and what isn’t important to me and act accordingly. It hasn’t changed people perceptions of me greatly at this stage but my perception of myself has sky rocketed – and this is just the beginning!!

Thank you so much Amanda

Pro golfer


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