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The Horizons Programme.

Almost 50% of women believe they would be further ahead in their career if they had more self-confidence
The Guardian 2013

In a world full of opportunity, with everyone around us wanting to see us to shine, it is such a shame that so many females do not see their potential, their skills, and strengths as others see them.

When we feel confident about who we are, and free ourselves of self- doubt, and form solid trusting connections with others, we feel happy, confident and limitless.

We are able to be our true selves.

This recognition led to the creation of this game-changing programme, and it’s transforming women in Manchester.

Personal Development for Professional Growth

The HORIZONS Programme

This unique programme helps women understand, develop, align and utilise all psychological functions. This is called self-actualisation, and it focuses on six core traits:

  • Intellect

  • Imagination

  • Body

  • Emotions

  • Intuition

  • Will & Choice

The powerful alignment of these core traits results in true  lasting transformation, and is extremely empowering.

The HORIZONS Programme in detail

Over the course of 10 months, we cover 15 insightful areas of personal development. Facilitated in an informal group setting, where boundaries are lowered and everyone has a voice, the programme ensures everyone develops strength and confidence.

The 15 course topics that guarantee transformation from within:

  • Cracking the confidence code
  • Creating meaningful connections
  • Personal presence and power
  • Rejecting rejection
  • Inviting others in
  • Passion
  • Presenting
  • Building your Dream Team
  • Engaging others
  • Utilising your intuition
  • Mental Imagery and
  • Clarity on your future success
  • No guilt time for you
  • Not changing you embracing you
  • Mindfulness and Meditation

What’s in the programme?

This Personal Development programme is designed to empower women to step up, be bold and shine in life, work and play includes:

  • 10 master classes – a facilitated group setting that enables learning and boosts confidence
  • All programme materials – including a personal transformation journal to capture progress and development.
  • Accountability partners – like-minded souls dedicated to your success
  • Mastermind alliances – connect with others and begin to shine
  • Access to online private development and support group
  • Networking events and guest speakers

Why ten months?

10 years of experience has taught me that transformation does not happen overnight. It takes time to embed new strategies, to form meaningful relationships, and to learn more about you.

Ten months of dedicated focused personal development is perfect for you to recognise how far you have come, and how much change you have created. With nine months of focus, we guarantee that the results you achieve become part of you, creating change that lasts.

Is this for you?

This programme is for you if:
  • You know deep down you have some self-doubt, perhaps even occasionally suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’, where you feel others are better than you
  • You would like to go further in the organisation but you’re not sure what’s next
  • You know you have already had success but don’t always feel and see it
  • You want to feel differently and stop over analysing
  • You would like to create some new meaningful connections and relationships
  • You are ready for personal development and want to feel fresh and excited again
  • You think it could be your time to shine
  • You work in a male dominated environment and know you would benefit from developing with other females

” I find it hard to put in words the impact this programme is having on me. I feel more confident than I have in years, and have a feeling of anything is possible. I’m putting myself forward for things I would never have before. Thank you so much you a true inspiration”
Vicki Page – Vodafone

Is this for someone you know?

Do you know someone in your organisation who:

  • Has pure potential?
  • You sometimes wish they could see their talent as much as you do?
  • Has an appetite for personal development?
  • Would benefit from a boost to their confidence?
  • Has something special and with a little more courage will fly?

This is the perfect opportunity to recognise their talent and future potential and give them the boost they will benefit from the most.

“Amanda has been working with the Aspire gender network over the past year. Her style, format and interaction have been exceptional, proving to be a huge benefit when formatting the team. The focus she has enabled has allowed each participant to build their own confidence and clarity on what they are trying to achieve, while supporting each other. I have no doubt Amanda’s new programme will benefit everybody who attends in the same way.” Sharon Pegg – Group Inclusion and Diversity – The Co – Operative

24% of women said they would be at a more senior level if they were freed of self doubt
Survey of 2000 women in the UK (H&S)

  For Rising Stars!

All meetings are held at venues across Manchester City Centre. Additional networking, social and speakers events are optional, we ask for a personal commitment to attend all 10 meetings.

This is your time to shine. Join the Horizons programme £1495 and experience true transformation from within.

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All applications will be responded to within 48 hours, and following a short discovery interview your place on the programme will be confirmed by July 2017.

Amanda Brown - Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of The Leading Ladies Company

websized_DT5A3446I have been bringing women together for personal and professional development for a number of years, and one of the greatest benefits I continue to see as a result of the programme are the strong bonds created within the programme.
Not just a relationship but strong, trusting, caring and collaborative relationships which last long after the course is complete. As each individual blossoms, the unique relationships flourish. This is due to the facilitation of this programme and its ability to breakthrough barriers which naturally we women have created.
Attending many of the fabulous events around the city, celebrating The Northern Powerhouse, and vibrant talent in the city I recognise the future potential for growth, and the collaboration opportunities for females who share, learn and grow together.
What excites me the most about the programmes is not just the incredible personal transformation our delegates experience, but the future possibility of what can be created in the city, and across organisations as a result of the relationships formed on a foundation of trust.

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