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The LIPSTICK Principles are the heart of The Leading Ladies Company

Created by our founder Amanda, they are a fresh, feminine, and focused, set of Success Principles for creating the life we want. Within the framework of LIPSTICK we have 52 Success Steps which touch on every aspect of our lives, and offer simple to apply, practical, and inspiring habits, which when applied, will lead to more success, feeling fabulous, making decisions  and creating transformation to Make Life Happen.

The LIPSTICK Principles have been created for women by women, as we appreciate that success means different things to each and every one of us.

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What does it actually mean to love yourself?

How does valuing yourself help you love life, and others more?

What can you actually do each day to love yourself, love life, feel super happy?

LOVE is a four-letter word that packs a punch, and means something different to each of us. Finding your LOVE is really about getting in touch with you, and what you enjoy.  It is about appreciating yourself, and all that you do.  You are a Leading Lady after all, and you deserve to be the star of your own show. Better to love every minute, and put on the performance of your life, then drag yourself through the acts of your life, feeling that you could have been better, or done more.



How often do you allow yourself to daydream about possibilities?

Imagination is where the magic happens.  From here the dreams, and goals appear.  The Principles show you how to make your imagination your secret weapon, and give you full permission to daydream all day long!

You can turn your Daydreams into Reality!



Are you in a job you feel passionate about?

Do you know what your biggest passions are in life?

When you are living your life on purpose, and in line with what your passions are, decisions become simple.  Life becomes easy, fun, exciting and rewarding.

Live your life passionately each day, don’t waste a moment, today will be yesterday before you notice it.



Do you ever feel overwhelmed once you have decided on a goal?

Don’t know where to start?

What you are going to do, and what you are actually doing, are two different statements. We support our Leading Ladies with what they are doing, taking the first tiny steps forward. The LIPSTICK Principles share the strategy for stepping into your goals and dreams right now.



How often do you tell yourself something that is not true?

Every one of us has our own truth about everything and everybody in our lives.

Our truth is created from within. Our truth affects everything in our lives, our relationships, our results, and how we feel about ourselves.

The LIPSTICK Principles help you to get to the truth faster, and learn the truths that will create the life you want to lead.



Have you ever wished you had a dream team to help you?

Would you love to have supporters, and mentors with you every step of the way?

Inviting others into your plan is the next most important step after having the idea in the first place.  You don’t need to do this alone, there are hundreds of people to support you. The LIPSTICK principles show you how to invite others in, and feel the benefits of asking and creating a DREAM TEAM.



How often do you do a little jig in the kitchen because you’re proud of what you have achieved?

Do you punch your arm in the air now and again and say ‘YES’ I did it?

How much credit do you give yourself for the wonderful performance of life you put in everyday?

When you begin to give yourself the credit, your confidence grows, life feels good, and everything seems possible.



Has life all of a sudden got complicated?

Do you think life could be a lot simpler?

Life really doesn’t have to be that complicated. The Principles show us how to make decisions easily and focus on the life you want.

Now that’s a Leading Lady



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