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Live & Online LIPSTICK Life Coaching™ coming to you where-ever you are!

Every woman has the right to feel fantastic and be phenomenal. This six-week programme will teach you all you need to know to boost confidence, get clear on your goals, develop deeper connections with those around you and bring your goals to life. FAST!

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You have big dreams but need focus, accountability and support to help you stay on track
  • You want to make time for YOU! But you seem to be rushing from one thing to the next and feel exhausted
  • You know you are destined for more and seek fulfilment but lack clarity on your goals and how to make them happen
  • You know where you want to be but feel stuck and not making progress
  • Everyone else seems to have full control of their lives and future, they embody calm, happiness and success, you want to feel this way too
  • You want to step up, speak out at work or feel more confident socially but fear of failure and the reaction holds you back
  • You want to stop talking about what you want to do or should be doing and start making it happen
  • You want to enhance your performance across all areas of your life but lack confidence and feel safer hiding in the wings

If you’re shouting YES to the above, we’re here to help. Let the Leading Ladies support you on your journey of discovery and transformation and achieve in six weeks what alone could take a's time to get on track and take control.

THE SOLUTION - Live & Online: LIPSTICK Life Coaching™

The wonderful thing about live and online, and there’s many, is that we’re with you every step of your journey. Weekly coaching & guidance comes to you and you can access this in your time. There’s also one live “on line” meeting per week which gives you the additional coaching and support to keep you focused and energised. You’ll also have access to our private members group which allows you to connect with the other fabulous females who are going through the six-week programme, a powerful support network.

Throughout the six weeks we bring the LIPSTICK Principles™ to you via podcasts, live meetings, online content and downloadable work books. We gradually layer in EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to get clear on what you wnat and how to make it happen. The LIPSTICK Principles™ are your manual to a successful happy life. You will learn techniques and engage in exercises which generate new positive habits that enable you to bring change and happiness to your life.

Outlined below are our LIPSTICK Principles™ your success strategies for life.

  • Love  - will teach you everything you need to know to feel amazing, powerful and strong. You’ll learn to appreciate and value yourself and recognise that others do too. Your confidence and self-esteem will soar, you’ll feel ready to step up and step out in all areas of your life.
  • Imagine - we’ll help you decide exactly what you want. Create  goals, work or personal which will shape your future direction and allow you to step towards it with ease.
  • Passion & purpose - we’ll help you discover your passion and purpose in life, what makes you spring out of bed every morning, what makes you feel fantastic? When you’re living with purpose and passion decisions become easy and life is filled with joy, excitement and reward.
  • Step In - here we transform the way you do life, do work, do business. We share simple strategies for making things happen that allow you to achieve your goals. Get rid of indecision and fear of rejection, step in, you become unstoppable.
  • Truth - many women become experts in negative mind chatter and regularly talk themselves out of applying for that great promotion, asking for the pay rise or experiencing something new. Truth lets you rewire and refresh the way you think about yourself permanently! Let go of the past and say yes to a whole new you.
  • Invite – Success is not a solo sport so let’s make sure you have invited a dream team of supporters in to help you fly. You will identify who can help you get where you want to be and let go of those who drag you down.
  • Celebrate – We’ll show you simple methods to celebrate all the little things in life and feel gratitude for your life, the people and events in it. This will have a life-changing effect not only on how you feel about yourself but on those around you.
  • Keep it Simple – life is simple if we learn to take control, choose what we want and stay on track and this is exactly what this principle delivers.

These simple strategies are so effective you’ll be able to make decisions easily, be more effective and say YES to what you want and NO to what you don’t want.

We all need to take stock and reset sometimes, even getting time to just think about what you really want can sometimes be hard to squeeze into our hectic lives...this programme gives you that space, that you time, the inspiration from other women and an incredible support team from the other fabulous females on the programme.Now is your time, we run the course over six weeks so there is no overwhelm you have plenty of time to reflect, get clarity and integrate all you learn into your life and daily routine. Change and transformation takes time, we give you that.

How LIPSTICK Life Coaching™ Works?

Podcast – Every Monday you’ll receive a different focus for the week. We layer your new success strategies in gently so you can take time to feel the change.Facebook Live – Every week The Leading Ladies will be live in your private Facebook group to share more information on this principle and give instructions and activities that you must complete to start to embed and bring that principle to life. Home play / work is essential, transformation takes time and effort so it’s important that you can commit to practising at home. Podcasts mean you can listen in whenever and wherever you like, in the car, on the commute, on a run, in the bath cooking dinner, whatever suits you.

Live Online Meeting – Every week we host a live meeting online, a chnace to connect with the other women on the course, get ideas, focus, and coaching, as well as deep connection and mediations.

LIPSTICK Life Coaching™ Workbooks – These arrive with you weekly and support the LEARNING for the week. This is a great way to give you clarity and focus on the life changing principle and for you to track progress.

Private Members only area – At the Leading ladies we see how women support, encourage and inspire one another. Throughout the six weeks you’ll join a group of like-minded women who go on your journey with you. We’ll all be popping into the private Facebook group across the six weeks to see how you are progressing and provide any additional support, motivation and love.

Our next course starts in January 2019

Ticket Price £360 to change your life! All podcasts, online content will be recorded so you have these for life.

Six weeks to retsart your life, your way. Learn everything you need to know to feel fantastic and make the changes in life you really want.  Click the button below to register for our January live and online programme, what a great way to restart reset and make 2019 your best year yet.