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Make Life Happen Coaching Program.

STEP IN to you – make this the year that rocks for you


What would make this an outrageously fantastic year for you?

  • A new career or job?
  • More loving relationships with your family, friends or partner?
  • Waking up feeling excited, and appreciating the wonderful life you have?
  • Increasing your income?
  • Daring to dream big and make the changes needed for a different life?
  • Having you time to relax, breathe and think?

Or is it?

  • Getting clarity on what it is you want in life?
  • Feeling completely confident in yourself?
  • Developing a true sense of self and purpose?
  • Loosing the baggage you have been carrying round for far too long?
  • Learning to connect with people at a whole new level ‘as you’?

The problem is, life gets in the way and we become busy with anything and everything except focusing on ourselves and what we really want.

What if you were a part of a new and exciting network of positive and enthusiastic women who want to take their goals seriously and encourage each other to do the same?

Imagine if once every month you knew you were going to meet for inspiration, development and support. If you knew you would get time to breathe, relax, take a step back, and discover who you are and what you want.

The Leading Ladies Company is creating this space for you.

Amanda Brown, Transformational Trainer, author, speaker and creator of The LIPSTICK Principles™, has crafted a programme of high quality personal development events specifically to get you from where you are to exactly where you want to be.

Join our 2017/18 personal development membership club and realise you have everything you need to create and achieve any number of dreams in the year ahead.


What’s Involved?

Each month, we will meet for a new masterclass and add another layer of success strategies into your life, and daily routines. Success strategies that take you from where you are, to where you really want to be.

The extra special bonus is that you also gain a whole new set of friends, a dream team who want you to get there as much as you do. The relationships you develop through this year long process are invaluable and this is one of the many reasons you are guaranteed success.

Our annual personal development membership club includes:

  • 9 Live Masterclass Workshops across the year
  • 6 hours every month dedicated to discovering you and what you want
  • Online meet ups and members club
  • An accountability partner as committed to you as you are
  • 1:1 Coaching to help you gain clarity and take action
  • A LIPSTICK Principles journal – the book you will have for life
  • Exclusive invites to additional Leading Ladies events and socials
Amanda Speaking
The LIPSTICK Principles are not just a set of good ideas and strategies to help you get more from life, they are the steps, strategies and principles used by the most successful people around the world.

When you apply the principles you experience transformation in your life, feeling more confident, living your passions, and getting what you want out of your life.

The best part is, as we meet monthly, you get to layer all the learnings in, making it super simple and effective, with no overwhelm, just simplicity.

Take a look at what your year ahead will look like when you join us and learn, train and develop with the LIPSTICK Principles – your monthly masterclass in success.

LIPSTICK Principles

Learn how to:

  • Very special party ‘ Come as you will be’ creating the belief and momentum in the year ahead
    • Build your self esteem & confidence
    • Create meaningful connections with others and yourself
    • The benefits of mindfulness & meditation
    • Take full control of your life
    • Say yes and no to what you want
    • Align what you do with what you want


    • Gain clarity on your true passions in life
    • Connect with your life purpose
    • Align your purpose and passions with your future ambitions
    • Designing your future ‘goals ‘
    • Create meaningful action plans
    • How to utilise imagery ‘visualisation’ for success
    • Celebrate every small step
    • Reward yourself
    • Appreciate yourself and your progress
    • Build your Dream Team
    • Feel confident in asking people for support
    • Reject rejection
  • Use feedback to your full advantage to get where you want to be faster
  • Mastermind your way to Success – creating masterminds for creative inspiration and support
    • Recognise your truth
    • Believe in yourself
    • Stop thoughts which don’t move you forward

Make life happen. Begin your journey and register your interest in our next programme here.


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