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Personal Transformation VIP Retreats.

Phenomenally powerful events for women ready to step into something new

Imagine having the opportunity to totally focus on your personal development and transformation.

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An opportunity that takes place in your dream destination with your own personal guide – me, a transformational coach who is dedicated to untangling your thoughts, worries and frustration, and turning it into focus, certainty and direction.

I am happy to travel to a destination of your choice, as over the years I have learned that the venue, and surroundings can add something extra special to your experience.

Would your choice be the New Forest perhaps, or do you have an affinity with the ocean ?

I will incorporate the surroundings perfectly into your Transformational VIP Retreat and look forward to meeting you wherever you choose.

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Experience Personal Transformation on a VIP Retreat with Amanda Brown

My Personal Transformation VIP Retreats are phenomenally powerful events for those who are looking for new direction and are ready to take a step into something new.

They’re highly effective for women who are ready to make changes, yet feel they have no time to make things happen.

The women who have attended my VIP retreats leave feeling renewed, aligned and totally transformed – ready to move forward in their lives and careers.
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What is a Personal Transformation VIP Retreat?

Two days of personal transformation totally dedicated to you, accompanied by a full ongoing support package to help you integrate all that you’ve learnt.

As a transformational coach, my role is to create an environment where you can embrace the freedom to admit what you really want and help you develop strategies to make it a reality.

Your transformation and coaching experience will incorporate elements of mindfulness, NLP, meditation, perhaps hypnosis, and success strategies for creating the future you want, and letting go of everything you don’t want.

Women who invest in themselves with their Personal Transformation VIP Retreats have often thoughts  prior to working with me similar to these:

  • I’m going around in circles, repeating the same mistakes time and again
  • I feel my thoughts are holding me back from achieving my true potential
  • I’m holding onto hurt and experiences from the past and not moving forward into the life I want
  • I feel frustrated with myself sometimes and want to let go
  • I keep thinking ‘I know there is more to life than this’
  • I know now is the time for to step into something new and realise my potential

If this sounds like you, then these two days are the start of the life-changing journey that will take you from where you are today, to wherever you want to be.

I listen carefully to your concerns, I hear what you don’t need to say, I understand what you most want from this experience, and then I create your VIP Retreat that incorporates strategies, and processes perfect for you, and exactly what you need to move forward right now.

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“Have been thinking about how I felt after working with you….Being able to focus on your present and future happiness is a feeling of enlightenment. Amanda enabled me to see my own potential, feel empowered, capable and confident. Being truly comfortable with who I am and what I want was always within me; I feel like I’ve been introduced to the me that I am incredibly proud to be.”
– Gillian Hesketh, Director

How do Personal Transformation Retreats work?

  • We start with a complimentary consultant so you can connect with me and share what would make your perfect VIP transformation retreat and the exact results you want
  • Your choose your ideal location for the retreat. It could be in Blackpool or the Bahamas – wherever works perfectly for you, I will travel there with you
  • I create a unique itinerary that incorporates the perfect successful coaching strategies to aid your transformation
  • You escape for two days dedicated to you and your personal development with me, your personal coach, by your side.
  • We’ll use the setting as part of the transformational journey, creating a very special VIP experience
  • A full package of continued support takes place following the retreat to help integrate all the learning and experience you have gained
  • All travel and accommodation arrangements are taken care of by you unless you would prefer my team to do this for you

What will we do on the retreat?

Your retreat will be personal to you and created specifically to help you achieve your goals. To give you a flavour of what’s involved, read what other VIP clients experienced below. These are a sample of the different retreats I have created and the feedback from them.

  • Discover what has really been holding you back and not allowing you to feel fully present in your life - and then get rid of it
  • Understand the habits that are not helping you get where you want to go - and create new ones that will
  • Move into a place where you finally believe all you desire is possible
  • Create new goals for your life ahead
  • Apply simple strategies for reconnecting with your life, your desires and everyone around you
    Harness your new found energy and excitement about your future

‘’I find it difficult to describe just how impactful the two day VIP Retreat with Amanda was for me. I continue to surprise myself every day with this renewed positive attitude and energised approach to both my relationships and career which has quite literally, changed my life. By ridding myself of the negative emotions that were controlling my actions, I now have belief in myself and a clear, exciting vision of where I want to be. Amanda’s professional and personal approach ensured that the whole process was not only enlightening, but fun and I can’t recommend her enough’’
Cia Lou Cotongater – Director/Owner, Mad River Design

  • Discover the thinking and habits which make you feel like you're stuck in a rut or on a never ending merry-go-round
  • Press the stop button on the merry-go-round and create a straight path forward
  • Recognise the motivators which will enable you to keep on a straight line
  • Learn how to see a block and blast through it
  • See the A-Ha moment and know the past is now the past

“I'd like to thank Amanda for taking me with sensitivity and humour through my first VIP transformational coaching retreat, at a time when I was effectively going round in circles over the same issues and repeating the same behaviours that had me in such a rut I could no longer move forward.

Over the time we worked together there were lots of light bulb moments and lots of pennies dropping over things I have being doing and behaviours that have become ingrained in me but actually don't help me achieve what I want. It was a relief to let go and realise that by viewing things differently I was in control of things that I'd previously believed I wasn't in control of. 

I am so glad I took the decision to go for the full timeline therapy over two days. The ongoing support after the sessions was invaluable and I still practice the exercises. I have tried various therapies but this is by far the best money I have ever invested in myself.”

Jenny, Lecturer, South Manchester

  • A chance to de stress with meditation and mindfulness
  • Reconnect with who you are, why you’re here and what you want to do
  • Re-evaluate and picture what’s next
  • Get clear on the steps which will take you there
  • Formulate a plan that lights your passion
  • Feel energised, inspired and excited about what your future looks like

“Amanda enabled me to see my own potential, feel empowered, capable and confident. Being truly comfortable with who I am and what I want was always within me; I feel like I’ve been introduced to the me that I am incredibly proud to be.

Being able to focus on your present and future happiness is a feeling of enlightenment. I like the word enlightenment, I understand it when people say they found God; I found me, that was all I’d been looking for and it was much more comforting than I’d ever imagined. The thing we all have in common is a desire to be happy; being yourself and believing that is all you ever need to be, is a revelation.”
Gill Hesketh, Marketing Director - Wessanen

Why two days?

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"I have heard many people state that certain events, activities or meetings are “life changing” and I have always tended to be rather sceptical because that’s what I am. I also took that attitude into my first meeting with Amanda little knowing that the next few months working with her would become exactly that, life changing. I think it fair to say I have never met anybody quite like Amanda, astute, supportive, endearing, always appropriate, with boundless levels of energy and just so nice. She makes me feel at ease not only with her when we meet but also with myself, her ability to allow me to see the alternative view point is so natural that I can almost not remember what I was like before I met her. "
- Andy, Vice President

Over the years I’ve learned that clients want to be supported for more than a few hours as they utterly transform their lives into something new.

10 years of experience has taught me that it is only with two full days of focus, that we can truly identify all that is holding you back, create new goals and begin to develop the mindset that will see your renewal last beyond our time together.

And because the two days are totally focussed on you, you’ll move forward much faster than with traditional sessional coaching, infact you will not recognise where you were before, immediately at the end of two days.

Let’s Make It Happen

Is now the time to invest in yourself to make the rest of the year simple, happy and moving seamlessly in the direction you want to go, with nothing holding you back anymore, nothing standing in your way, nothing between where you are now and where you want to be?

If the time is now, let’s make it happen. I will meet you in the Bahamas or in Blackpool, wherever you feel is perfect for you!

The first tiny step is to contact me and arrange your complimentary consultation.

Do it now, and you’ll already be on the path towards stepping into something new and realising your dreams.


About Amanda, Your Personal Transformation Coach

websized_DT5A3446Amanda specialises in creating the freedom to admit what we really want and develop the strategies to make it a reality.

She has been training, and researching human potential techniques for over a decade. Now a transformational trainer and international speaker, she has founded The Leading Ladies Company and her work has led many people to step outside their day-to-day routines and create phenomenal lives for themselves, and their families.

Amanda is a graduate of Jack Canfield's train the trainer programme and a Master Practitioner of NLP. She is co-author on the upcoming best seller Success University for Women, creator of The LIPSTICK Principles, success strategies for women, which help them make life happen, and founder of the inspiring ‘Leading Ladies TV’ channel, where women share their stories of life to inspire other woman around the globe.

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