All you need is LOVE…

Yesterday I felt successful, grateful, rich and wealthy, and all without a penny exchanging hands.

In actual fact what I felt was LOVE, for life, for others and for me.

The LIPSTICK Principles which are the heart of our business provide a framework for 52 Success Steps which when applied transform how we feel about ourselves, others, and excited about life.

Yesterday I applied a number of the steps and when it came to bed time I could not have felt happier or more full of LOVE.

The day began in a different way as I took up residence in my new office. This is a former bedroom in my home. For years I have been saying I’ll make a room an office to take my work environment out of the kitchen. The kitchen is lovely however working there meant I never really turned off from work, and when my fiancé arrived home was often met with my head in the computer, and not giving my full attention to him.

Getting the office in place means the heart of our home the kitchen can once again be our space and work free.  Within the framework of The LIPSTICK Principles each Principle has success steps within it. One of the success steps in Principle no.1 LOVE is to get the jobs done that you have been meaning to do for days/weeks/years .When you clear up the list, you feel cleansed and ready to focus on what you really want in life, without lost energy thinking about all the things you haven’t quite got round to.

Getting the office complete was part of that list, and so I have applied principle no.1 LOVE to my life.

Another step in the framework of LOVE is to recognise and appreciate the people in your life which make a difference to you. This was the step I shared in the Inner circle of Leading Ladies yesterday for everyone to join in with. I post a different step each week and there are 52 steps, which means we can steadily over a year introduce different steps.

It’s a wonderful experience to let people know why you appreciate them and what for, what it is they do for you. They often have no idea the things they do which make a difference to you. I encourage everyone to reflect on the people in our life which make a difference and let them know why.  A card , a call an e.mail will make people’s day, and it can put quite a lump in your own throat when you write it too!

I have a ritual I do each evening before bed. I take 5 minutes and do a rewind on my day, a little like watching a movie of your day. I am always shocked how easy it would be to forget or not appreciate some of the events and people in my life if I didn’t do this. Some days the days are so busy it takes a while for me to remember how the movie of the day started!

Once the movie is rolling I get to re watch the day and remember the brilliant things that have happened, and they do every day, it’s just taking the time to remember them.

Yesterday was such an amazing day when I re watched the movie.I was bursting with appreciation , love and gratitude as I recalled the people and events of the day.

Without going into too much detail, as my movie may not fill you with the same excitement it fills me with.

Yesterday was a day full of giving and receiving.

The only thing that was exchanged all day was time and expertise and it felt amazing.

Time at the end of the day is all we have, and when someone gives you there time it is very special.

Three people gave me their time and their expertise yesterday with nothing asked in return other than that I utilise my learning.

What wouldn’t we all do sometimes for a spare hour in a day? I received three of people’s hours, amazing.

Weirdly yesterday I also gave three hours.

A great friend of mine is facing the challenge many women face as we hit our 40’s which is ‘Is this it?’ Do I really want to be on this treadmill at work? Is this what I really want? She is now feeling really excited about her future and what is really possible, what she can achieve with the right plan.

The day was nearly over when at 8pm I jumped on Skype for my monthly Mastermind Call. This Mastermind group is six inspiring women from around the globe who meet once a month to seek input into ideas, challenges and thoughts. It’s amazing every person receives a set amount of time to share their challenge or idea and then five wonderful women give their opinions, experience and advice in return. The power of this group is phenomenal and what is most powerful is that we all get to give as well as receive.

If you are like me, you will love to give, to help, to support other people, nothing makes me feel better than that. Yesterday I received as well. I allowed others to help me.

Inviting Others In is one of our LIPSTICK Principles and probably the one when applied will get s the most instant results.

To invite others in we must share our challenges, admit we don’t have all the answers, and ask for help. When we do this we give other people permission to do something they love which is to give, either their time or their knowledge and expertise.

Today I felt full, because I had let people in, and because people had invited me in, and for that I appreciate them so much.

We can’t do everything for free as the mortgage companies do not work on the same basis, of if you feel fantastic then your wealthy and you will have a beautiful home.

But when we give someone our time, it’s really our most valuable asset.

As we approach Christmas remember your time is usually what people ( grown up people )  value the most and it is yours to spend as you wish.

To fill your cup with love then spend 5 minutes each day re watching your movie.

Play your day back, do your inventory.

Imagine you are watching a movie of the day and freeze frame on the great bits and appreciate yourself for making a difference and appreciate those that have made a difference to you.

This is sure to put a smile on your face before bedtime and does not cost a thing.