Apply a little LIPSTICK..

At The Leading Ladies Company we apply Lipstick to get where we want to be.

Not of course the conventional lipstick that you apply to your lips, but simple strategies from The LIPSTICK Principles™ which are our success steps created to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

This is first step in the series of  five simple strategies, taken from the Lipstick Principles which help you to get where you want to be quicker and to show you how to utilise your universe to make it happen.  You can apply them daily, just as you would apply your lipstick.  So lets get started…


Be coImaginempletely clear about what you want. If you are not absolutely clear about what you want, the universe cannot begin to deliver it. The more clarity you have, the simpler it is for everyone including yourself.

Imagine for a moment that you have the thought ‘I want a new bed’ you think about it long and hard, I want a new bed. The very next day you get a knock on the door and right there is a delivery driver with a new bed for you. Wow! Asking for what you want really works, you think.

You take delivery of the bed but when you try to put it in the bedroom it doesn’t fit. Not only does it not fit, as you peel back the wrapper you see the colour and fabric is all wrong, you don’t like it. Now you need to send it back and rethink what type of bed you want.

On reflection you can get clearer, you can be specific about the size, shape and fabric of the bed.

Vague goals sound like this; I want to lose weight, I want a new job, I want to save money, I want to start a business, I would like to go on holiday

Specific goals sound like this:

• I want to weigh 9stone 5pounds by Nov 21st.

• I want a job as a travel guide working in London by Jan 2nd, I want to be set up in my new business as a business consultant by June 3rd, I want to travel to India and see the Taj Mahal in 2016.

#Be clear and specific on what you want to achieve

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