Can I really do this – do I deserve it? Make Life Happen Transformation Programme 2016 – 7 days to go

11110497_469014966580115_3047130464688829909_nWhen I held the first meeting of the current ‘Make Life Happen Programme’ and met the wonderful ladies who had taken the step, and said yes to themselves, yes to getting more from their life, yes to personal development, and, yes to each other a couple of things struck me.

First of all how different everyone was.

Ladies with ages ranging from 24 to 50+ have joined.  Some members are employed by big corporate companies but wanted this membership for themselves, for their own personal development.  Some run their own businesses or are self employed and some are training for something new.

There is no ‘type’ for this membership programme and I love that.

Something struck me at that first meeting when I welcomed them all and shared how proud of them I already was for making this decision.

What I realised was, that it had been a big decision for some ladies to say yes to themselves, they like many of us at times had thought do I deserve this, should I do it?

Just the simple decision of choosing in favour of themselves was enough to feel different.

Will this be how you feel when you say yes to yourself? I hope so, because you do deserve it, we all do.

Join us this Saturday the 9th January at 10.30 am for our final free taster event before we start this incredible year next week.




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