Manchester Masterminds

Manchester Masterminds is an opportunity for solo entrepreneurs, small business owners or start ups to come together to help each other thrive.
This initial meeting is an opportunity to hear what Masterminds could do for you, and what you can do as a member of a Mastermind group. This is a new, fresh and unique opportunity.
Last week I was discussing Brexit with another small business owner, probably like many of you and the impact events such as this can quickly have on SME’s and solo entrepreneurs. I have a strong feeling of unity and desire to see Manchester continue to boom whatever is happening in the environment.
The flash of inspiration came that now more than ever is the perfect time to join together to support, inspire and encourage each other with our visions, missions and business plans. To gain fresh ideas, and use our own experience to help other businesses thrive. That’s why this meeting is happening, a flash of inspiration, a desire to see us all grow, and sometimes as you know these crazy thoughts turn into the best ideas.
I have personally been part of Masterminds for a number of years, although my masterminds are via Skype and cross continents.They have proved invaluable to me when sometimes I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.
We all have to look at our businesses differently from time to time to continue to flourish.
My hope is that a number of like minded people in Manchester will want to come together and form Manchester Masterminds. A Mastermind Group is a little like having a full senior team or board who are there to help you make the most of your business. At the same time you become a board member to other businesses and help them grow. Solid bonds, built on trust and understanding.
Are you like me? When a friend or fellow business owner presents challenges to you, it’s so easy to offer solutions to their challenge. I don’t always find it as simple and easy to find solutions to my own challenges.
I invite you to come along and be curious about this opportunity.
My personal wish is that for all of us running our businesses in Manchester will see success and growth over the coming years. We are what makes Manchester so fantastic, new start ups, small business and entrepreneurs, are what Manchester is built on, strong foundations.
Let’s come together, connect, collaborate and support each other in the growth of our businesses and the city.
This invite is open to everyone, male and female.
(My business is focused on females but this event is not about my business this is about us and our businesses)
This is not a networking event in the traditional sense of shall we do business together. This is about forming new relationships with a focus on how we do business, not what business we do.
We are holding this event at the aptly named Revolution at Deansgate Locks.
Together we will always achieve more.
The ticket is £10+vat and includes tea, coffee, soft drinks and a light lunch.
Hope to see you there