Retreat for Ladies Revive and Thrive

We have created this retreat around three areas every woman wants, confidence, clarity and connection.
It’s a retreat just for females and led by Amanda who is a Transformational Trainer.
You will experience a variety of techniques and exercises which will lead to a huge shift in energy.
Any change in energy and thought helps you get clarity and this will increase confidence.
You will connect with other fabulous ladies in a new and unique manner which then helps create enhanced connections with others when you leave.
( So if this is going to be a treat for you, you can confidently say those around you will benefit too)
This retreat is all about you, and connecting with that fabulous female energy we all have.
It isn’t about goal setting but you will likely leave with some new goals and clarity.
It isn’t just about confidence but you will leave with a new bounce in your step and feeling great about yourself, like a new woman.
Sometimes when I write up these events, it feels the words used to describe them make it feel serious.
The effects you experience through transformation are seriously amazing, however I also really want to say we have good fun, and laughing is definitely something you will be doing a lot.
This is one of those experiences where you are likely to make friends for life, it’s not something we can necessarily guarantee but that is what we know will happen.
This is your opportunity to press the pause button, take time for you, and then press the reset button.
Expect to feel completely new after this experience, fresh, focused and fabulous.
If you thought for one moment, shall I? Just say yes, you’re worth it.

The accommodation costs, all food including breakfast, breaks, lunches and dinner are £169 and will be paid directly to the hotel, which is Rydall Hall. We have separated the cost of this to avoid having to add 20% vat to this cost.
The retreat experience itself is £220 inc vat and will be invoiced on confirmation of booking.
To register your interest in the retreat please send a mail to and we will give you a call.
Only 17 spaces are available on this retreat and are getting filled quickly, to secure your spot e.mail today.