Step into your Successful Self 1 day event

This is a day of coaching, inspiration and transformation.

Attend our Step into your Successful Self One day event and experience a unique, life changing day that is guaranteed to make a difference in your world.

Showcasing The LIPSTICK Principles™ – eight guiding principles for a life well led – the day is overflowing with opportunities for you to:

Develop the confidence to go for your dreams
Learn strategies which up-serve your life
Make new, valuable and close friends
Feel excited about the future and the possibilities it has to offer
Feel good about who you are
Begin to run your own race
LIPSTICK Principles

This is a fun, inclusive environment in which you can step outside of your comfort zone with ease, and take the first steps toward the life you want.

It’s a gateway for all the great things ahead of you. A moment in time that will enable you to make life more fun, focused and fulfilling.

At the Step into your Successful Self event you’ll have time and space to:

  • Think and talk about what you want to achieve
  • Gain clarity on what you want and what holds you back
  • Experience a range of transformational techniques
  • Try out practical ready-to-go tools for changing your life
  • Understand exactly how by applying LIPSTICK you can get where you want to be

This is for women who want the life they desire to appear, who want their hopes to be heard, who want life’s unbudging determination to turn in their favour at last!

It will be a powerful journey that will see you begin to realise what you’ve always wanted, in the company of women just like you, with access to the right tools and techniques to guide you towards your personal goals.

Wherever your ambitions lie, in your career, health, wealth, family, love or lifestyle, One day can help you take your dreams, and ambitions, and turn them into your reality.