For every NO there is a YES..


9pm last night, a frosty Sunday evening and I was standing in the taxi rank at Manchester Piccadilly station. I was thankful that I had left the heating on at home, and that the house would welcome me home with warmth.

I had just returned from London, and had used the 3 hour return journey fruitfully by creating some goals, and mind maps for the year ahead.

I had been considering which of the LIPSTICK Principles I ought to be putting into practice this year, in order to Make Life Happen

Invite Others In is at the top of my list. There are a few success steps within Invite Others In, and the one I have decided that I need to practice more, is to Get Comfortable with the word No.

Asking people for help and support, sharing my goals with people who may be able to offer words of advice, and being open with others about what I really want, should be a huge key for my success this year.

As I stood pondering this, my eye was drawn to a homeless person, who was methodically approaching everyone in the taxi queue.

The queue during the last 5 – 10 minutes had up to 20 people, with more people leaving the station each minute.

He approached each person in turn, and asked if they could spare any change. He was polite, and responded to those that gave, and those that refused, with the same thank you and nod of the head.

He did not seem to take offence when anyone said no, he simply moved on.
The ratio he achieved was impressive, from my observations it was almost 70% of people that gave him something.

No one seemed offended that he had asked, whether they opted to give or not.
We will each have our own opinions on people begging, and whether we believe it to be right or wrong. Each of us will have a different thought running through our heads when approached by some homeless person asking us directly for money.

What impressed me was that this man was taking action. He wanted something, he saw a group of people that could potentially provide him with what he wanted, and so quite simply, he asked for it.

It was a perfect example of a very simple lesson.

Do not be afraid of people saying no. If people want to help, and are able to, they will say yes.
If they don’t want to, or are unable to, they will say no.

This guy simply thanked the people who said no and moved on.

That evening for every no he received, he received at least two yes’s

Imagine if the ratio was this high when we went after what we want in life.

Imagine if we knew that for every no we received we would receive at least two yes’s

Wouldn’t we be out there asking ? saying thank you for every no, and moving swiftly on knowing we were about to receive a yes.

I love the simplicity of this, some will say no, some will say yes, but we won’t know what the ratio is unless we ask.

How often do we say no to ourselves before giving someone else the opportunity to?

#Imagine this week for every no there is a yes on it’s way

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