In 2014 I was a builder..


Looking back at 2014 I see I was a builder.

It started with the idea for my new business in March, after that I was in the building trade. Drawing plans, building a team, digging the foundations and then slowly adding the walls brick by brick.

It takes time to get a concept from the mind into reality, a lot longer that I thought. I missed deadlines and sometimes the plans didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped when I’d first envisiond them.

But the foundations have been laid and the walls and windows are in at last, and at the end of November the business launched.

Not without what is referred to in the building trade as ‘snags’ but she is here.

It’s really satisfying to build a business from the ground and launch her.

It was tough, fun, exciting and enlightening.

Now for this new year with her already in place I’m pondering on what this year will bring, and excited about seeing the business grow.

This year I have a suspicion I may be a gardener, watering, feeding and nurturing the business as she blossoms.

We have many roles to play when we run our own businesses. Thankfully not all require a hard hat and high viz jackets. That wouldn’t do everyday for a Leading Lady!

What have you been this year?


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