Is starting a Business like being Pregnant?

It is officially now seven months since the first ‘spark’ of the idea for what will be the new business happened. That’s where it all starts, a spark!

It was actually a surprise when it happened on that day in that month, even though I had been hoping and ‘trying’ to create an idea for some time.

Once the idea was conceived, it became a part of me; I was excited, I told everyone about it, my friends and family were all equally excited. In fact they are all going through this with me supporting me, encouraging me and can’t wait to meet her. I say her as I named the business soon after conception and her name is The Leading Ladies Company. Leading Ladies for short.

I had sleepless nights as new thoughts came into my head every five minutes during the first few weeks.

Around eight weeks after ‘conception’ I really began to feel this business, and I could actually see it, I could create an image in my head of exactly what Leading Ladies would look like.

Leading Ladies has grown and developed enough for me to feel more relaxed about her delivery and what will happen when she appears.

It takes time to develop a thought into a personality and for a business to develop a heartbeat. As Leading Ladies has developed, her heart beat has grown stronger, and the excitement within me too.

There have of course been nerves and tears along the way, a little self-doubt and frustration at times.

Can I do this? Will I be able? Am I really ready for this? I put this down to hormones of course!

I’ve also had to change some of my priorities to make time for creating this business. Keep an eye on  taking care of myself too to be sure I’m as fit and healthy as I can be for when she finally arrives.

I’ve learnt that everything takes time. It is impossible to go from an idea a ‘spark’ to a business overnight. There is also the realisation that although everyone is there supporting me and sharing words of wisdom and advice, ultimately Leading Ladies is inside me and I need to be the one to deliver her.

It has taken me longer than expected to be honest.

Like pregnancy you cannot rush these things. Launch too soon and she may not be fully developed.

I am realising now, it’s looking like it will be 9 months from the ‘spark’ to seeing Leading Ladies  meeting the world for the first time.

Like a new born, I hope that when she finally arrives she is a joy to everyone who connects with her, and , that she grows and develops in this world and lives on long after me.

I’m sure that although I can visualise the future I’d like for her, she will develop her own personality and may grow in ways I cannot even imagine right now.

I feel I know Leading Ladies  well now and cannot wait for her to finally be here.

So, is being pregnant like starting a business?

It seems similar to me, except of course I have been able to drink wine( thank goodness ). I know the real work starts when she arrives for good, and lots of what I have been doing to date has just been preparation to deliver her into the world, safely and soundly.

Oh yes, and although I think there could be more sleepless nights, the one thing I don’t get is Paternity Leave…..Now there is an idea!

By my reckoning it’s about eight weeks now until she arrives and I’m hoping with everything crossed that I will be the perfect guardian for this very special Leading Lady.

I have the energy, and the enthusiasm and after that it’s going to be flying by the seat of my pants and learning as I go and she grows.

Bring on the christening.



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