It’s a game of ‘What if’…

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I wanted to invite you to join me this week in a game of  ‘WHAT IF ‘.

You may have played this game before, perhaps you even play it regularly with yourself.

Or you may play one version of it and I am going to invite you to join me in playing the Leading Ladies version.

In my experience the more traditional game of ‘what if’, follows a certain pattern.

It starts when we think of something quite important to us, or have a new idea.

Then, as we have that thought or idea this triggers the question ‘What If’ and the game begins.

The only problem, is often the  ‘What If’s’   are all based around a certain theme… of what if it all goes wrong.

What if…….I don’t make the same amount of money when I start my own business?
What if…..I don’t pass my exam?
What if….I can’t make it work?
What if….I loose my job?
What if….No one buys tickets?

What is your What If? What is it you have been thinking about which then leads to a What If….?

Do you feel good when you think about these What If’s? or do you feel worried and anxious?

I’d love it this week if like me, you played our version of What If, just try it for a week.

Here are the rules, if at any stage this week you notice yourself using that phrase with yourself, you completely turn the outcome on it’s head and come up with two or three extremely positive outcomes from your What If conundrum.

What if….I make more money in the first year than I’ve ever made?
What if….I pass all my exams with distinctions?
What if…I make it work and feel happier than ever and go on to show others how to do it?
What if…I get promoted, or get offered my brand new dream job?
What if…I have more people buy tickets than I have room for?

You will have heard the saying I’m sure, where the young lady asks the question ‘What if I fall?’ and the answer that comes to her is ‘oh my lovely, what if you fly?’

What I’m inviting you to join me with this week is simple, if you are going to spend any time at all pondering on a problem, worry or challenge, let’s make it a problem we would like to have rather than one we don’t.

Give our minds something useful to think about, which opens up the brain to possibilities.

Do let me know how you get along, I am very much enjoying the process, it’s such fun.

Love and Hugs

P.S I’m holding an event in Manchester on the 18th March and I’ll be talking on the subject of Confidence. ‘Cracking the Confidence Code’ if you know anyone who would benefit from hearing some of the simple steps to creating more confidence, please do let them know.
p.p.s Have a wonderful week, and just think, what if this was the week when magic happened.

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