Just drifting..


8 weeks and counting

How are you on this beautiful hot sun shining day?

It really does just feel so good to finally see the sun and feel the heat doesn’t it? To think only last week we were still having some snow showers in the UK.


Life like the weather can be unpredictable and even though we can plan for a great forecast, ultimately we will have to deal with the downpours when they come, and appreciate the sun when it makes an appearance.

It was eight weeks today when my leg was put into plaster, and I still have a number of weeks to go.

I think the hardest thing for me regarding my leg has been, being still.
I certainly recognise that a lot of my energy comes from movement.

Last week my parents came to stay, and I tried to explain how the stillness has affected me.

I’m not complaining about it, as I have gained some valuable insights from the experience which otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to learn.

Mum said I’ve been great about it, which is lovely, but realistically what else could you be? I learnt a long time ago there is no point getting frustrated about things you can’t change.

As I was explaining to Mum, my overall feeling has been flat. Just going along, taking everyday as it comes, not getting really excited about anything, neither up nor down…just one flat line.

BOOM!! That’s when it hit me….that’s exactly what I have been doing just dealing in the day to day. I’d almost gone back to basics, have I got enough food in for the next few days, will my basic human needs be met?

No wonder I was feeling bit flat, a bit suppressed , I was suppressing myself.

Now, many people do live their life that way, if the basics are covered then everything is OK. You may even know someone like that.

This is not me, I like to have goals, a vision somewhere I’m heading. I love to learn and develop and grow, and have crazy new experiences.

Do you remember my last post , where I talked about giving myself permission to just be?

I still stand by that, there are times and moments in life when just being is perfect, and very much needed.

However, ‘just being’, for me at least, doesn’t really suit me for pro longed periods of time. My mind wants challenges to solve, it wants ideas and visions to make happen. It wants to feel like it’s got a purpose, a direction to go in.

What I had not been doing whilst ‘just being’ was some of the basic personal growth activities I usually do. Affirmations, reading my goals, taking action everyday, thinking about what I would be doing in six months time.

Now I realise with such clarity that it’s the lack of doing these things, which has created the flat feeling.

It’s been an interesting time, and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to learn so many important lessons about life. I also appreciate that there are many people who appear to choose to play their life that way. I’m going to call it on a flat line….but we all know what a flat line represents in medical terms.

It represents ‘ no life’ , when your heart no longer beats. My heart is beating and I know yours is too, it beats and it burst with excitement, with love, with joy and happiness.

There is nothing which will make your heart beat faster than achieving something new, having new experiences, getting what you want.
Sometimes it beats at it’s fastest because of nerves, when we do something that scares us, sometimes just with joy as we notice and appreciate everything around us, sometimes it beats and bursts with pride just because you did it!

What’s going to make your heart beat faster this week? A run, a date, setting a crazy big goal that frightens the ‘heck’ out of you??

This week with me, make a decision to do something that will make your heart beat just that bit faster.
I’m jumping off the flat line, and getting connected with crazy goals again, and honestly my heart is beating that much stronger just as I write this.

I do so love to feel excited…

I’m sending you love and hugs, and I would love love love to hear what is going to make you heart beat faster this week.
( Reading your emails always makes my heart beat stronger)

Hugs from Amanda x




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