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Welcome to this masterclass in letting go of worry and fear. I have created this page during the lock down period as the techniques and exercises I share here with you are super powerful when you are experiencing worry and anxiety or negative thinking during these times. They are really useful all the time but feel even more so right now. My intention is that we all come out of this sane and hopefully stronger. The above video is about 90mins long and my suggestion is you watch, learn about the techniques and practice along with me, this will give you a full masterclass and leave you feeling very good, calm and strong. I have then split the video down into the seperate techniques so you can return to each one as and when you need it without having to watch the whole video again. I've also added some short meditations below which will give you five minutes of you time to calm your mind and reset yourself when you need it most, although I recommend doing meditation for at least five minutes each day to keep you sane and in control. I really hope you find loads of benefit in this masterclass, these are techniques I use myself and have used with many clients over the last twelve years as a master coach.  So it's time to settle in, press play and learn about letting go of worry and fear, remember practice the techniques as I demonstrate them, they really do work when you apply them. With Love from Amanda x


p.s It would make my day to hear from you if this has really benefited you so please do get in touch and say hello afterwards ....enjoy

Being Present

Emotional Freedom


Instant Emotional Release



The LIPSTICK Principles

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