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For women in Manchester who want to learn, focus on what's important to them and receive help and encouragement along the way in achieving that.


Why ? Amanda established the members hub after seeing how incredibly powerful it is when women come together to support and encourage each other to discover more, be more and give more.

When I ran the Make Life Happen Programme which is an intensive personal and professional development programme, year after year the lasting benefit was the community and friends everyone made. It was incredible to see the support and positive encouragement every woman gave to each other. Not everyone wants to join the intensive programme so I created an environment where people could dip into the development with bite size delivery of content and still connect and form those wonderful rich relationships with other women in the city. This way everyone still benefits from the opportunity to have collaborative conversations, masterminds and walk and talks, without the full commitment our personal development programmes require.

How ? 

We have a hub online where everyone can connect, this is where we deliver weekly inspiration usually in the form of video. Bite size weekly success strategies ( from The LIPSTICK Principles) to layer into your life and work to feel better and be better.

Daily meditations also delivered here for anyone wanting to get into the best practice of taking time for you each day, halt the ' buzz of the brain ' reset and recharge.

Weekly LIVE AT FIVE - An intimate chat with a reflection on what's happening in the world and how we might feel and respond to it - usually a new perspective - often funny - always insightful.

Monthly Mastermind and Collaborative Conversation - every member has the opportunity to join a mastermind pod these are uber collaborative conversations with five or six women who want you to succeed.  ( all optional but these are the game changers )

Monthly - Walk and Talk - solutions and ideas are always found and generated by a group of wise women walking and talking it out, we should call these wisdom walks - no judgement no ego's just amazing energy, super fun and super powerful.



What’s in it for you?

✔︎   Access to our online member community and the wealth of experience within

✔︎   The mastermind meetings which really move you forward

✔︎   Weekly videos with simple success strategies to implement for personal development

✔︎   Podcasts

✔︎   Meditations

✔︎   A whole new set of life-long cheerleaders and supporters


Join us now. A positive encouraging community with personal development, professional growth and a network of women who can and will help you get where you want to be.

Membership is £35+vat paid monthly with no contract.

Annual membership available if your organisation is supporting you with this members hub subscription


One of our members Helen Dibble MD of Increddible Marketing describes the mastermind like this.

For the uninitiated, it's when a group of people, often with different backgrounds and experiences come together to support and champion each other. You share a challenge or goal. You're focused and to the point. You have to be clear about your challenge to enable others to help (part of the mastermind magic). In turn, each person gives you succinct advice. Brilliant, succinct advice you would never have thought of. Advice that will light you up, set you free, knock you sideways and make you look at life in a completely different way. It's not a chat with your friends. It's a peer-to-peer conversation filled with respect and consideration. AND, you get to help people in return. You offer advice, solutions and ideas, and get to see someone else light up, move sideways, shift blocks. Masterminds are super powerful.


Here's what some of our members have to say

" Last nights mastermind was incredible, I feel like I can take on the world today, thank you for your support and brilliant advcie."

" Wow, I would never have thought of some of the things the group came up with last night, what an incredible thing you have created here"

" Can't thank you all enough I would have spent hours on the wrong track without all your honesty, thank you "

"I just want to reference the recent mastermind, what fantastic advice which applies to all situations, love is the answer whatever the question."

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