Make Life Happen Graduate – Carolyn Tipper

Make Life Happen Program 2017

How Carolyn Found the Confidence to Make Life Happen – Twice Over


Seeking Courage and Confidence

Five years on from the end of her marriage, Carolyn found herself at a cross roads.  “I looked back over the past few years and knew something was missing.  I was lacking inspiration, courage and confidence and that wasn’t normally me.”

Uncertain about what to do or how to move forwards, Carolyn felt trapped in a life she no longer wanted.

One evening, an advert for The Leading Ladies appeared on LinkedIn.  The programme instantly appealed and Carolyn signed up for a free taster session hosted by The Leading Ladies founder, Amanda Brown.

Carolyn liked the idea of getting to meet Amanda because one of her concerns was whether she would “like the person who would be supporting me for the next year.  But Amanda was inspirational and I could see that she was someone I would get along with.”

Another aspect of the Make Life Happen programme that Carolyn loved was the 12-month duration of the course.  “I felt this would allow me to transform over a period of time and it proved that Amanda was committed to helping me achieve results.”

With everything falling into place, Carolyn joined up for what would be the first of two experiences.

Gaining Crystal Clear Insights

Carolyn’s Make Life Happen programme began with a session to envision who and where she was and who and where she wanted to be.

By asking candid questions of herself, friends, family and colleagues, Carolyn gained a 360-degree view of her strengths and limitations.  This revealed some uncomfortable truths and Carolyn realised she wasn’t the person she believed she was.  Armed with these insights, Carolyn felt even more determined to affect some big, bold changes.

A Vision of Loveliness

The group then moved on to some blue-sky thinking which would inform a vision board.  Amanda asked everyone to close their eyes so they could focus on exactly what they wanted to achieve.

But painting a detailed picture of the future she wanted wasn’t a stroll in the park for Carolyn.  A combination of fear and unhelpful beliefs were proving to be a stumbling block and Carolyn felt unable to ask for what she really wanted in life.  But Carolyn was soon bolstered by the rest of the group.  And Amanda “was on-hand to help you believe you could do anything you chose because she would guide you through the steps to success.”

Placing what she describes as “a degree of blind faith” in Amanda, Carolyn overcame her fears and produced a vision of her perfect future.  It included buying her own house, taking more holidays, changing job or setting up her own business, finding love and getting fitter.

And it was all going to be achieved within 12 months.

Committing to Change

With vision board in place, Amanda introduced the practises that would help Carolyn make her dream life happen.

Carolyn soon realised that “vision boards might sound magical but they’re not.  You decide you want something to happen and then take the steps to make it materialise.” 

Using a mixture of meditation, affirmations, self-appreciation and gratitude techniques, Carolyn was able to shift the fear and improve the lack of self-confidence that often held her back.

But Carolyn wasn’t alone.  Everyone on the Make Life Happen programme had joined up with an accountability partner who they could turn to when they needed support.  “I felt a real sense of unconditional acceptance”, says Carolyn. “I knew my partners would do anything for me without any expectation of getting something back.”

In fact, it was a phone call to one of her partners that helped Carolyn overcome her nerves about placing the deposit on her new house, where she lives happily today.


How The Leading Ladies Made Life Happen

Carolyn was so inspired by the programme that within six months she had achieve everything on her vision board.  Life was great but there were still a few little things Carolyn wanted to resolve.  Because she knew the process worked, Carolyn enrolled for a second programme completely confident that she could improve her life even more.

Carolyn’s second vision board included getting rid of her caffeine habit, eating more healthily and regularly doing something that made her happy.  She also wanted a walk-in wardrobe to accommodate all her shiny, new and smaller-sized clothes.  There were also a few more holidays she had her eye on and a move to a longer-term house.

Feeling Great

Looking back over the past two years, Carolyn has achieved so much.  She now lives in her own house, has taken most of the holidays she wanted and loves her new job. A session on discovering your passions also revealed that Carolyn’s happy is having lunch with friends this something she now does at least once a week.

And Carolyn also feels different in herself.  How would Carolyn sum up where she is today?  “When people say, ‘how are you?’, I never say ‘okay’ or ‘alright’.  I always say ‘I’m great’ because I am.”

What Do the Lipstick Principles Mean to Carolyn?

The Lipstick Principles frame and direct each Leading Lady’s journey.

Here’s what they mean to Carolyn. 


“Just being there – the unconditional support of the other people on the programme.” 


“Becoming familiar with what I want. I close my eyes a lot more to see what I want in my mind and walk around it.”

Passion and Purpose

“It’s all very well knowing where your passion is but it’s no good if you don’t follow it.”


“Boldness – if I want to do something and the only thing stopping me is fear, it doesn’t stop me anymore.”


“Really honest questions of myself and others to get to the truth.”

Invite Others In

“Asking others to help you, including holding you accountable. 


“I always say things are great.  No matter what happens, I’m certain of me so I’ll be ok.”

Keep it Simple

“Know what you need to do.  Then do it.”

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