Take the 1st Step – but where?

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I recently interviewed another wonderful lady on Leading Ladies TV, Sophie Spread.

Sophie has created the life she didn’t think was possible.Her message in the interview is simple, “take the first step towards what you really want.”

The challenge for many is not the first step, but where am I stepping ?

We all take daily steps forward with our careers, and our businesses.These steps may be taking us towards more money, more success, more free time.

But are we taking steps towards what we really want?

Sophie has given up her life as a lawyer in London, and swapped it for a life in Chamonix , where she can enjoy looking out over the ski slopes everyday. No commute, no traffic, and still a rewarding career as a lawyer, just in a very different way.

Getting to the heart of what you really want is not always easy.

I was recently working with a client where the aim of the session was to discover what would light her up, help her to feel that she was making life happen.

Initially we discussed some standard parts of life which would make her happy, doing well at work, buying a house, being fit etc.

As the day progressed we started to uncover more, and eventually, she said, ‘’Well, what I would really like to do is sail around the world’’!

When I asked her what would need to happen to make this a reality, the first steps quickly appeared.

This desire had been hidden deep, and it took a while for her to admit to me, and maybe to herself that this was her dream.

Once the dream is admitted, spoken out loud, the next steps are simple, as they become obvious, and every step will take you towards achieving what you really want.

Deep down, I wonder, do we actually know what we really want, but are afraid to say it out loud?

Does saying it out loud frighten us? Do we dismiss our dreams because we don’t think that they are achievable?

Once we can admit what it is, that we really want, and we realise that it would be possible,  this creates the impetus to take the first steps towards achieving it.

It is simply a matter of taking one step followed by another, just as you would if you were planning a holiday, a house move, a wedding, or any other event in your life.

As Sophie said in her interview, once you take the first steps, the path becomes clear.

Once we know what we really want, then we can make it happen.

Life is short, time is passing, we can pass the time doing this and that, or we can get clear about what we really want and make a decision to make it happen.

I love Leading Ladies TV, and I love discovering what my new clients greatest goals are. These things inspire me.

I am feeling inspired right now, and think  it is time for me to do a life inventory. What am I loving in my life right now? What would I change? and also, could I think bigger, and be more bold when determining what I really want.

I know it is possible to make whatever we want to happen, happen. The challenge is admitting or deciding what this is.

You can watch Sophie’s interview here.



One of the wonderful things she shares is, that since she took that first step to change her world, she has met the man of her dreams, and is now planning her wedding. Sophie said this great quote:

‘’ Once you create the lifestyle you want, and that you are happy with, it is easy for a new partner to find their place in it’’


Take the First Step.


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