‘The Boom in Manchester is not working for women’



Last week I was invited to discuss this ‘The Boom in Manchester is not working for women’

My answer was yes…

I moved to Manchester 25 years ago and am really proud to call this my home, it’s given me so much.

In the last week I’ve been fortunate to feel it’s heart beating stronger than ever. I have appreciated Manchester even more than usual. I feel blessed to be here and be surrounded by this vibrant city and it’s people.

To me it feels like this is the only place to be, and more specifically I feel it is an amazing place to be for women.

Just from the fraction of events I know about or attended last week, I can safely say there were over a 1000 women coming together to celebrate success, share ideas or build connections.

On Tuesday last week I spoke at an amazing new Mums group called Mamas Collective, an inspirational idea that a wonderful lady Molly, has created.

Molly thought it seemed a good idea to bring Mums together and so she gave it a go. I greatly admire people who jump in and see where ideas go.

She hosts her meetings at the fantastic Ziferblat which is so unique and allows many budding entrepreneurs and collaborators the space to turn their ideas into reality, with creative space and a great atmosphere.

Just walking through the Northern Quarter fills me with energy and excitement, that’s before you get inside some of the spaces and fantastic venues there are there.

After that I took a trip over to Salford Quays to the magnificent Media city and had my first visit to an equally impressive venue, on the 7th at Media City. Again just walking around Media City which didn’t even exist ten years ago, creates the feeling in me of excitement about what the future holds.

On Wednesday I held my own meeting with incredible women who are stepping out, being bold, connecting and raising each other higher. I’m proud to host my meetings at Rise Manchester which represents everything I’m about, great surroundings, innovative thinking and collaboration. The mere fact that this venue is available to start ups like mine I am beyond grateful for.

On Thursday just down the road at our iconic Hilton Hotel, over 450 inspiring women came together to celebrate the leaders, change makers and innovators with The Northern Power Women Awards.

On Friday I visited The John Rylands Library for the first time (how I have missed this before is beyond me) and had the pleasure of seeing, what is now on my Top 10 beautiful buildings list in the city.

I was very fortunate to meet a guy here who knows more of the plans for the future of Manchester, it’s buildings and it’s transport, and I was inspired further by what the future has in store for us.

Saturday finds me at our wonderful Central Library to celebrate International Women’s Day and meet even more inspiring women doing amazing things for the city and the people in it.

At the event the question being discussed was ‘is the boom in Manchester working for women?

The data behind the argument of ‘don’t agree’ was there, that was in black and white.

However, in small groups we were all invited to talk about what Manchester means to us.

The word ‘ energy ‘ was repeated again and again.

For me Manchester is just that, this phenomenal energy, it’s like it has it’s own heart beat and it’s beating in many of us.

It’s a place of innovation, collaboration, excitement and opportunity.

As new businesses open such as Rise and Ziferblat they allow other business to flourish, and everything links together perfectly.

In many ways, it’s one huge collaboration enabling Manchester and the people here to thrive.

The nature of my business does mean, I am fortunate to spend time with incredible women, and last week for me was a true celebration of that.

The events I attended, and the ones I read about all bringing women together to celebrate success.

I’m very proud to be here.

For me there is a real feminine energy rising.

I feel it and am inspired when I read about, meet, and work with women who are here to make a difference and who proudly call Manchester home.

Manchester has everything to support anyone who has the inkling of an idea to make it a reality and I love that.

Amanda. x


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