The CIRCLE of Life

The Circle of Life is always turning.

Last week I was reminded of the never ending circle of life.

I went to see The Lion King at the theatre, an incredible stage performance based around the story, and the song The Circle of Life.

As I watched I was in awe of the energy that the cast put into their performance.

They perform twice a day to a packed theatre, and give the same energy to each show as though it were their first

I am the founder of The Leading Ladies Company, and I draw on the analogy that we are all Leading Ladies in our own show, this show we call life, our one and only performance.

I encourage everyone to go out each day, and put on the performance of their life, create headlines, and enjoy every moment.   Whilst watching this high energy theatre performance, I asked myself, was I putting the same amount of energy, enthusiasm and commitment into every day of my life?. Sadly I had to admit to myself that perhaps I was not.

I wonder what would happen if I did?

I always encourage people, to go out each day, and make life happen, because the circle of life is endlessly turning. This was brought home to me last week, as I sent messages of congratulations, and condolences within minutes of each other.

At the start of the week my partner shared that a dear friend of his had died suddenly, at age forty two

The next day a close friend of mine sadly lost her dearly loved gran, and this represented the loss of half of her remaining family.

On the same day I received the wonderful news from another great friend, that she had just become engaged to be married.

Towards the end of the week I was celebrating with dear friends the safe delivery into the world of their twin boys

On Friday of that same week, I was trying on wedding dresses, while another friend was attending a funeral.

As I am a coach people imagine that my mantra would always be to look on the bright side, stay positive.

Of course this is true, however, this is not always possible, as we cannot always control our feelings, whether sad, bad, or joyous they are what we are feeling.

In this performance of life, we will definitely experience loss, and sadness if we have ever experienced love, and joy.

We will experience fun and we will all experience frustration.

 This is our stage, this is our performance and our life experiences are part of our show. No matter how the acts play out the show will go on.

Life will throw the unexpected at us, we have no control over what it may be.

We do have control over our responses to events and how they effect the performance in the next act of our show.

The show does always go on, we always survive, we always get through, we usually grow from all our experiences.

 How is your show right now? Is it a rather dull documentary, an intriguing romantic comedy? an action packed adventure story? a magical mystery ? a fun filled pantomime ? ………

We can decide to make it a high energy performance, filled with energy and enthusiasm, or we can be content to give it less than our best. It is always our choice.

What would the title be right now, for your show?

I want mine to be ”She laughed, she loved, she gave it her all”

The circle of life is always turning….#Make Life Happen.

Amanda Brown

Founder – The Leading Ladies Company




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