The Countdown begins…Make Life Happen Transformation Programme 2016 – 14 days to go

The Countdown begins..The Countdown begins….

Make Life Happen Transformation Programme 2016 – 14 days to go

Saturday 9th January will be your very last chance to get in on the act with our ‘Make Life Happen in 2016 Transformation Coaching Programme’.



Over the next 13 days we will be posting each day, giving you a glimpse of what could lay ahead for you this year. You could be among the other fantastic females who have decided that this is the year that they want to create some change, make a difference, and develop personally and professionally. Keep you eye out for our posts, if you’re curious as to what could be in store for you.

To attend our final taster for the New Year Programme register here.

Or for more information on the programme CLICK HERE.

Any questions at all, we are here to help.

Love and Hugs




p.s If you are ready to say yes right now,  we have a very special offer each day, we are giving £10 off our joining fee for every day up to the 9th …..that means today is a special offer of £140 off the membership, to join today e.mail with special code LLC140 today.