The LIPSTICK Principles™ are the heart of our company

The life changing LIPSTICK Principles™ are the framework for all our coaching and perosnal development programmes.

Feeling fantastic about where you are in life and who you are is not a fantasy. It should be a reality for us all. I have been studying, researching, developing and practising new habits and methods to enable myself and people I work with to feel unstoppable, sparkly inside, and completely confident that they are in control of their lives and loving every minute for over a decade.

The LIPSTICK Principles™ are the powerful culmination of this research and experience to create the perfect formula for success inside and out.

Apply the LIPSTICK Principles™ and change your world


What does it actually mean to love yourself?

How does valuing yourself help you love life, and others more?

What can you actually do each day to love yourself, love life, feel super happy?

LOVE is a four-letter word that packs a punch, and means something different to each of us. Finding your LOVE is really about getting in touch with you, and what you enjoy.  It is about appreciating and valuing yourself, and putting yourself first.  You deserve to be the star of your own show. Life is full of ups and downs to navigate our way through, when you love and appreciate yourself you can take on the world and ride the ups and downs with ease and joy. No one should ever feel they are not enough, or not good enough, our LOVE Principle teaches you everything you need to know to feel amazing, powerful and strong, that you deserve the best and will get it. It teaches us to appreciate every wonderful moment of our lives and the people in it, most of all ourselves.


How often do you allow yourself to daydream about possibilities?

What does creating goals atually mean? How can you utilise your mind to see what you really want, and also work with the universal law of attraction to make it happen in your life.

Imagination as a principle is where the magic happens.  This Principle teaches you how to make your imagination your secret weapon, and gives you full permission to dream big.

What we picture in our mind is generally what we attract so we learn how to attract the right things, how to use our powerful imagination and mind to paint the pictures of what we wnat our life to look like in the future.

Imagination incorporates creating goals, utilising the law of attraction and using brain power to overturn any thoughts which don't make us sparkle.



Life gets busy, we work hard, we say yes to things we really want to say no to, we do things for other people, we sometimes dont get a minute to think.

Our passion and purpose principle gives us the opportunity to stop for a minute and consider where we are and what we are really passionate about. Are we living our passions, have we discovered our purpose, do we feel like we are where we are supposed to be.

Do we truly know any more what brings us joy... and of all the things that bring us joy, are we weaving them into our lives every day.

Joy is in all of us, sometimes it gets buried in the day to day grind.

When we explore this principle, it gives us the opportunity to realign oursleves with who we are, what makes us us, and create the life we want - feeling on track, super happy and spreading joy to everyone around us.

When you are living your life with purpose, and in line with what your passions, decisions become simple.  Life becomes easy, fun, exciting and rewarding.



Our mantra is that there are only two things between where you are now and where you want to be....two things... one of which you have complete control over and the other very little.

The two things are TIME and ACTION and with this principle Step In we share all the successful stratgeies for making things happen, how to speed up your progress and ensure you get where you want to be without overwhelm but with massive focus.

We also share the secret strategies which help you get rid of indecision and help you take action without worrying about the outcome or being afraid of the result.

This principle transforms the way you do life, and the way you do business, leaving you feeling like you are a flying and completely unstoppable.




The TRUTH is that often we are our own worst enemy, not our own best friend.

The way our minds can take us off with detrimental thoughts leading to feeling unworthy, not good enough , undervalued, every one better than us is one of the first things that has to change.

Life is too short not to think anything but the best about who you are. Who knows the reason we do this to ourselves, we may have been practicing for years the art of making oursleves feel s++t.

The strategies and exercises within this principle change the way you think about yourself..permanantely.

Fortunatly we can reverse, rewire and refresh negative thinking and when this happens you literally feel like a new person.

Weirdly when you feel differently about yourself you can finally see yourself how others do, which is nothing short of fabulous.

The TRUTH is we are awesome we just need to learn with the life changing LIPSTICK Principles™ how to feel it.


Success is not a solo sport

Speak to anyone you see as a success and they will share with you that it is the team around them that got them there.

With this principle we learn how to ask for help, not be afraid of the word no, reject rejection, ask again and create a DREAM Team of supporters around us.

We learn to embrace and understand the value of feedback to help us get where we want to be faster.

Just as inviting others in to our lives is important we also learn how to let go of people in our lives who drain us or drag us down.

The people around us will either be part of our success team or be part of our past.

Inviting others in is one of the most important principles, we need people around us encouraging, supporting, guiding, us and this principle shows us how to create this.


Celebrate as a principle goes hand in hand with the principle LOVE.

It's time to celebrate ourselves and all our achievements, to feel proud of what we do everyday.

We teach very simple methods for celebrating the tiny events that happen each day, for feeling full of gratitude for life , people and events.

When you master the simple strategies this principle teach you will soon be saying 'I'm so lucky' 'I'm so proud of myself' and not just saying it but feeling it, like your the luckiest woman alive.



Life is very simple, just as soon as we recognise that we are in full control of it.

If we are happy where we are in life that's because we made specific choices to do what we are doing to make us happy.

Choices which mean your life is being led by design and choice...not chance.

If were not happy, were complaining or wishing things are different then that's OK too, as this is the point we can keep it simple, take control and change whatever it is we need to change.

We can only know we are not where we want to be when we are aware enough to say I wish things could be different or I'd like things to be different.

We can start saying yes to what we want and no to what we dont want.

This principle teaches us how to make decisions easily, choose what we want, and keep on track to where we want to be.

The startegies are so simple and effective, this principle makes us all go a-ha that's how you do it, if only I had known that earlier in life.

At least we get to learn this now which means the rest of our lives will be the best of our lives.