What happens when you invite others in?

Invite Others In

Invite-others-inOne of the simplest strategies to get where you want to be faster is to invite others in, and share what you want to achieve.

The more people you share with, the quicker you are going to get there.

You are your universe, your friends, family, work colleagues, acquaintances, even people that you have yet to meet, are all part of your universe, and by sharing what you want and being specific your universe can respond.

In reality what is actually happening each time that you share your goal with someone, is that you are inviting your universe to help you to get there.

The more people that you tell and share with the quicker you will arrive at your destination.

You may be only 500 metres away at this very moment, from the one person who could most assist you in achieving what you want to achieve. There is only one way to find this out.

If you were at home right now and your neighbour knocked on your door and said, “I really need to iron my shirt and my iron has broken, could you help?”  Would you feel inclined to help?  Could you help them achieve their goal of an ironed shirt quickly?

If you were walking down the street in your local area and a passer-by stopped you and asked if you knew where the local greengrocer was, would you oblige?

We are constantly being asked to help people achieve very small goals, pass the sugar, return a phone call, answer a question and we respond willingly, universally we want to help people.

For our universe to respond to our requests, small and large we have to get used to asking for help.

Who is there in your universe right now that may have the answer or would be able to advise on what you want ?  Family, Friends, Facebook groups, Social media.  Ask everyone, get used to asking, and ask often.

# Ask for help

#Ask for advice

#Share your dream daily


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