What has Oprah got to do with this? Make Life Happen 2016 Programme


Maybe you are like me and think Oprah Winfrey is a legend.   Oprah interviewed my mentor, also a legend, Jack Canfield on Super Soul Sunday.

The reason this could be of interest to you is that Jack Canfield trained me in transformational coaching, and it was during my 12 months with Jack that I had the vision for The Leading Ladies Company and The LIPSTICK Principles™.  Our success strategies include many of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and he is a great supporter of my work over here in the UK. I love that I am able to share this work here through our Make Life Happen Programme.  You can watch the episode here Jack Canfield and Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.


I’m sure you will feel inspired by this interview, Jack and Oprah have that effect on you.  You will learn more about these strategies for success on our 12 month Make Life Happen Programme this year.

You are invited to join our very first meeting of the program on 7 September to see if you would like to join like-minded ladies all ready to take action and make life happen! Just register here

Any questions at all, we are here to help.

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