You are invited to a Very Special Party – Make Life Happen Transformation Programme 2016 – 12 days to go


Did you watch yesterday’s video with Jack Canfield and Oprah Winfrey?

Jack explained how your mind will only allow you to set a goal that it’s possible for you to achieve. How cool is that? As you grow, and learn, and develop you begin to feel confident in creating even bigger goals and dreams.

Our very special party will be your first opportunity to allow your mind to think about what you would really like to happen in your life and what your ideal life will look like.

As soon as you say yes and join us on our 12 month ‘Make Life Happen Transformational Coaching Programme.’ You will immediately receive your invite to this very special party.

The date is the 14th January and I promise you this will be an evening like no other.

I do hope you will be joining us to kick start this amazing year and this amazing programme on the 14th January.




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